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Sustainability Initiative

We are committed to leaving an ecological footprint as small as possible with the 2023 conference in Bremen. Below (updated regularly), we provide an overview over the measures we take in order to reduce our impact here in Bremen.
You can make a contribution, too – by choosing the most sustainable option to get to Bremen and by choosing to walk or public transport in Bremen.



Getting here by train is affordable, quick and easy. We have negotiated reduced fares with German Rail for registered participants. Check connections and travel options via www.bahn.de, www.thetrainline.com, and for Night Trains NightJet-Trains.


Flixbus (www.flixbus.de) connects Bremen to many European cities. We have negotiated reduced fares with Flixbus for registered participants – check out connections here: https://www.flixbus.co.uk/bus-routes

Carbon Footprint calculator:

See how much CO2 you can save by switching to ground travel instead of flying where this is possible: EcoPassenger or TravelClimate. If flying is unavoidable, choosing the most direct flight to the nearest airport on the continent and taking a train to Bratislava should reduce emissions.


Bremen is an easy city to get around. Almost any city accommodation will connect you to public transport, which is frequent and comfortable (https://www.bsag.de/en.html). The conference venue (University of Bremen) can be reached from most points in the city in less than 30 minutes. Bremen has a variety of bike and electric scooter rentals, which will facilitate your ways around the city.


All catering services will avoid single-use plastic serving ware and will source their ingredients locally. We will only provide vegetarian and vegan options during breaks. Lunch will be in the university cafeteria, which will concentrate on a vegetarian and vegan menu during the conference week. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available at every day. Drink tap water during the conference.

We aim at having the carbon footprint of the conference calculated and evaluated.