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About Bremen

The Hanseatic city of Bremen is the vibrant heart of north-west Germany and home of the famous Bremen Town Musicians. It’s a city where different aspects of history, tradition, science, nature and culture come together to form a fascinating whole. Simply put, Bremen is well worth discovering.

Bremen, the cosmopolitan city on the river Weser, is steeped in history. The locals are proud of their Hanseatic heritage, but it’s not something they would ever boast about. They enjoy having a coffee on the market square outside the magnificent UNESCO-listed town hall, or a refreshing beer on the bustling Schlachte Embankment. Here, it’s easy to imagine days gone by, when ships from all over the world were docked in the harbour. Even today, you can still see traditional sailing ships here, such as the Alexander von Humboldt. If you walk through the Schnoor quarter, Bremen’s oldest district, or the elegant Böttcherstrasse with its distinctive architecture, you experience history at every turn.

You can learn more about Bremen by visiting the Bremen Tourism website