Places to See

Places to See

The Local Organizing Committee has put together recommendations for places in Bremen for sightseeing. Click on the name of the establishment to go to their website, when one is available, and click on the Google Map link to see its location on a map.


The oldest part of Bremen with its very narrow alleys is definitely a place to visit. It is close to the river Weser and many other sights in the heart of the city.

Click for Google map    Recommended by Christopher


Bit of a no-brainer, really. If you’re lucky, you might even get seats for a Werder Bremen home game (, but don’t hold your breath. There is a better chance to get tickets to the excellent women’s team (Bundesliga). The Werder Bremen museum in the stadium is worth a visit for the footie afficionados – revel in glories long past (well, 2009 – last national cup).

Click for Google map    Recommended by Benjamin


Is it… a metal Stonehenge on a tip? Yes, indeed it is. Spinal Tap would be proud. Climb up the tip, Bremen’s highest elevation (debatable) and enjoy a fantastic view over the city and surrounds. The metal sculptures follow astronomical points of interest – see Aldebaran, Betelgeuze and others when they rise.

Click for Google map    Recommended by Benjamin

Hole of Bremen (Bremer Loch)

If you ever wonder what do the famous Bremen Town Musicians sound like, just toss a coin into the hole, you will be surprised!

Click for Google map    Recommended by Chen-Chia

Tiergehege (Mini zoo)

It’s a teeny tiny zoo within the citizen’s park in Bremen city center. If you are lucky you will find the peacock strolling on the road right next to you!

Click for Google map    Recommended by Chen-Chia


It’s a former rubbish dump that is now renaturalized and part of a receration area. In other regions you would not even call it a hill, but in the north german plain it is one of the highest places between the cities Bremen, Osnabrück and Oldenburg.

Click for Google map    Recommended by Jonathan