Poster printing list

Anna Alexandrova-Karamanova Severe and critical COVID-19 survivors’ experiences of social support during acute disease and post-COVID period #886  
Dalil  Alshammari Caregivers’ views about receiving behaviour change conversations in childcare settings to promote children’s oral health #451  
Maryna Alves Understanding pain-related avoidance with the exploration-exploitation dilemma. #399  
Ragnar Anderson Parents and young people’s communications about sex and sexuality: meaning-making and affect #874 Online
Vivi Antonopoulou Identifying theory-informed behaviour change techniques in randomized trials of audit and feedback #601  
Giovanni Aresi Having fun in prevention? Process evaluation of Food Game, a gamified school-based health promotion intervention #740  
Urska Arnautovska Biopsychological perspective on increasing physical activity in people with schizophrenia: pathways to adoption and maintenance #166  
Rinat Avraham Determinants of exclusive breast-feeding intention: A cross-sectional study among pre-labor women #391  
Daniel Becker Contribution of interpersonal variables on burden and depression among caregivers in the context of ACS #44 Online
Mihaela Beloreshka Psychological aspects of orthorexia nervosa in Bulgarian context #636  
Ivana Benkovic Mental health related services in healthcare for people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Croatia #504  
Marcella Bianchi Intuitive Eating Scale-2: an adaption for Italian university students #531 Online
Luis Manuel Blanco Donoso Social support when facing job insecurity: Effects on energy and daily recovery of healthcare professionals  #734  
caterina bosio Equitable and culturally-inclusive digital patient empowerment interventions: lessons learned from the AFFIRMO project. #804 Online
Maya Braun  Problem solutions for physical activity plans: first steps based on existing classification systems #76  
Ruth Brombach The moderating role of type of screen time on the relationship between loneliness and insomnia  #251  
Catherine Brown PEAK mood, mind and marks: developing an exercise intervention for university students #702  
Catherine Brown Engaging university students in an exercise intervention to PEAK their mood, mind and marks #706  
Chuma Busakhwe The mental health of HIV-affected young mothers: qualitative insights from South Africa #183  
Carolin Callies The German National Cohort (NAKO) – a resource to investigate depression in the general population #629  
Miriam Capasso Psychosocial factors influencing Italians’ vaccination acceptance during the Covid-19 pandemic: A grounded theory approach #690 Online
Indra Carey The benefits of playful physical activity on psychological health #252  
Laura Carvalho Health behavior change through psychedelics: an international population survey #772  
Tina Cartwright Yoga use, physical and mental health, and quality of life in adults with IBS #745  
David Comer Systematic Review Protocol for a critical discourse analysis of research on HIV PrEP among gbMSM. #731  
Chelsea Coumoundouros Sources of support and views of e-mental health among caregivers of adults with kidney conditions #386  
Rory Coyne The physiological effect of non-driving-related tasks in conditionally automated driving: a systematic review and meta-analysis #271  
Kaela Cranston Successes and areas for improvement from an online diabetes prevention program coach training platform #621  
Kelly Davis Young men’s self-reported nonconsensual condom removal (“stealthing”): Associated risk factors #532  
Laura Dennison Rolling out a physical activity digital intervention for older adults; a qualitative study of implementation #117  
Sally Di Maio Substituting an old commuting habit with a more active and sustainable commuting habit #264  
Tineke Dineen  Moving diabetes prevention programs into the real world: Systematic search and review on implementation strategies. #833  
Stefanie Do The role of psychosocial well-being and emotion-driven impulsiveness in food choices among European adolescents #22  
Julia Dobrzańska Predictors of body dissatisfaction among children with intellectual disabilities: parents feeding practise and child-specific factors #298 Online
Evelien Dubbeldeman Optimizing Implementation: Elucidating the Role of BCTs and Corresponding Strategies on Determinants and Implementation Performance #247  
Marc Edwards Scaling up the Dental RECUR Brief Negotiated Interview for improving oral health in children nationally. #698  
Jorge Encantado  Is Drinking the Psychedelic Ayahuasca Associated with Improved Health and Health Behaviors #832  
Maria José Ferreira The capacity to love and well-being: A comparative study between emerging and middle-aged adults #583  
Maria José Ferreira Satisfaction and quality in romantic relationships: The role of capacity to love, gender and age #587  
Gulcan Garip Exploring teachers’ perceptions of stress and wellbeing following laughter breaks in the classroom #52  
Gulcan Garip The Influence of a Self-induced Laughter Intervention on Expatriates’ Happiness, Well-being, and Experience of Homesickness #283  
Pierre Gérain What is “coaching” in oncology? Preliminary results of a Delphi study in Belgium #533  
James Green Experiences and perceptions of ebiking/pedelecs among older adults: a qualitative study #732  
Daniel Groß Coping and health-related quality of life – Prospective within-person bidirectional effects #78  
Gerlind Große “MyDoula” – Mobile app-based intervention program for pregnant women to promote mental wellbeing (RCT) #852  
Aleksandra Grzeszak Being an autistic woman – experiences, social stressors and protecting factors: a qualitative study #813  
Thomas Gültzow Opening up? How to support staff’ & students’ decisions to disclose mental health issues. #150  
Rosie Heape Psychological factors associated with medication non-adherence in kidney transplant patients  #592  
Marina Hinssen Design and evaluation of a gender-sensitive intervention to prevent smoking in schools: Work in Progress  #434  
Eleonoora Hintsa Participant narratives on workplace interventions’ impact on physical activity and Theory of Planned Behavior constructs #397  
Sara Hondmann Out of the Box: Co-creative multistakeholder study to enhance the effectiveness of cardiology eHealth intervention #494  
Yasuhiro Igarashi Critical Health Psychology after Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Discourses concerning “Next-generation Innovative Reactors” #381  
Felicitas Maria Jaspert Association of relationship satisfaction and blood pressure in rural Burkina Faso’s elderly population #131  
Yael Karni-Visel In the eyes of the beholder: Child–physician rapport at a neurodevelopmental clinic #30 Online
Eran Katz  Interpersonal variables and caregiving partners’ burden in cardiac illness: a longitudinal study #40  
Jacob Keech Acceptability and Feasibility of an Online Theory-Based Tool to Reduce Stress-Induced Eating;  #721  
Jacob Keech A Novel Imagery Intervention to Change Implicit Theories About Self-Control and Improve Health-Related Behaviour #252  
Sarah Keith Do illness perceptions predict health outcomes in adults with Long COVID? #346  
Eva Kemps Spatial separation promotes healthier food and drink choices from online fast-food menus #171 Online
Eanna Kenny Exploring patient experiences of participating in digital cardiac rehabilitation: A qualitative study #711  
Hedvig Kiss Associations between well-being, quality of life, illness perception, and life orientation among hematology patients #810 Online
Thomas Klein Understanding contextual adaptation, implementation barriers and facilitators for psychosocial interventions in South Asia: Scoping Review #491  
Karolina Kolodziejczak  Leaving the laboratory: Daily life dynamics between physical activity and low back pain #482  
Laura Kudlek A qualitative study of emotional eating in an acceptance and commitment therapy-based weight management programme #445  
Clara Esther Malou Kurtidu Improving cancer preventive behaviours in cancer surgery patients and their families: a feasibility study #815  
Zuzanna Kwissa-Gajewska Emotion profiles and compassion fatigue among Poles helping Ukrainian citizens #876  
Tajda Laure Optimization of a transdiagnostic emotion regulation mobile intervention for university students: a mixed-methods study number #250 Online
Aleksandra Lazic Why did you do it? Reasons for vaccination and non-vaccination among young adults in Serbia #756  
Dagmar Majerechová Well-being of children with special educational needs: Thematic analysis of interviews with professionals #808 Online
Ingela Margareta Marklinder To understand whole-grain consumption among young adults in Sweden applying HAPA Construct study #137  
Henriette Markwart  Latent Change Score Model investigating the association of Alcohol consumption and mental health over time #486 Online
Eva Katharina Matthias Phubbing in romantic relationships – a threat to fundamental needs? #675  
Joanna McHugh Power Opportunities to support spousal dementia caregivers during the transition to long term care #334  
Kevin McKee Health and psychosocial factors associated with negative outcomes of informal care in working carers #61  
Julia Meis-Harris Food for future – The impact of menu design on food choice in a hospital #173  
Dorota Mierzejewska-Floreani Death-thought accessibility and spiritual transcendence just after the outbreak of war in Ukraine #870  
Reiko Mogami Influence of types of play during the Covid-19 pandemic on Japanese nursery school children #41  
Orla Mooney Self-Management of Long-Term Physical Conditions during Emerging Adulthood: A Systematic Review #481 Online
Modesta Morkevičiūtė Motivational differences of work addiction and workaholism #660 Online
Rita Moura The effects of immersive virtual nature on psychological outcomes: Preliminary results of a meta-analysis #263 Online
Jane Murphy Stakeholder’s experiences of tailoring implementation of the DAFNE structured education programme for type 1 diabetes #564  
Ainara Nardi Rodríguez Efficacy of a motivational and implementation intentions intervention on walking behaviour in women with fibromyalgia #275  
Teresa Noichl  Better living with self-care and mindfulness? – Effects of a health promotion intervention for teachers #99  
Paul Norman A systematic review of online platforms for integrating research findings: Implications for health psychology #110  
Mika Omori Identification of psychosocial factors associated with treatment adherence for glaucoma #773  
Angelo Gabriel Oteșanu The general trust and CoViD-19 fear role on the variance of anxiety during balneological treatment #890  
Lenka Ottingerová How to finish unfinished busines: Empty Chair Intervention for virtual reality #589 Online
Raffaele Pasquariello You do read food labels, don’t you? Exploring psycho-social factors influencing mothers’ choices #691 Online
Raffaele Pasquariello Fostering local seasonality: an extended Theory of Planned Behaviour model to understand sustainable food choices #353 Online
Kristell Penfornis Targeting identity in digital smoking cessation and physical activity promotion interventions #165  
Marta Porto Psychometric Properties of the King´s Health Questionnaire Symptom Severity Scaleoral #819 Online
Christian Preissner Investigating the role of mindfulness in healthy lifestyle behaviors and mental health: A longitudinal study #615  
Simona  Quaglia Music as an equity inclusiveness tool: a case study of Community Music in Sardinia #128  
Inês Queiroz Garcia COuples’ OBesity (COOB) Initiative: Validation of the COuples’ OBesity Life Impact Profile inPortuguese couples #864 Online
Isabel Rasteiro Mental health in youth: The role of mindfulness, basic psychological needs, and sport practice #565  
Harvey Regan Exploring relationships of shame and guilt between mindfulness-based constructs and eating behaviours among queer men. #212  
Kevin Roche The use of educational interventions among GP registrars to improve antibiotic prescribing behaviours: a systematic review protocol #567  
Giovanni Schettino Habit decay in daily life: an intensive-longitudinal study on unhealthy snacking #288 Online
Hana Sediva Identifying factors influencing health-promoting lifestyle-behaviours in midlife women to inform the design of a DHI #16 Online
Hana Sediva Designing a health-promoting digital health intervention for midlife women using co-production and behaviour change theory. #15 Online
Elida  Sina Digital media use and cognitive functioning in European children and adolescents – the I.Family study #97  
Elisabeth SPITZ Illness perceptions in preoperative Parkinson’s disease patients undergoing subthalamic nucleus deepbrain stimulation #484  
Ingrid Steenhuis Perceived Sabotage and Negative Social Norms Regarding Weight Loss: Scale development and Exploratory Factor Analysis #9  
Abigail Stephen Uptake, engagement, and delivery of community-based dietary interventions within low socioeconomic populations #305  
Sarah Stutterheim Intervention Mapping as a guide to developing, implementing, and evaluating health-related stigma reduction interventions  #177  
Yasushi Suko What makes people craft? An exploratory study using ecological momentary assessments #124 Online
Dagmar Szitás   Reconnect with nature: discovering the benefits of forest bathing through virtual reality #588 Online
Kevin Efrain Tololiu Psychological interventions for acute pain management – A scoping review of randomized controlled trials #326  
Samantha Trevaskis Psychosocial and behavioural predictors of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder symptom severity: a systematic review and meta-analysis #478  
Eva Tzschaschel Health implications of body posture in motion #410  
Nadine Ungar Poor health behaviors among nurses: the role of work stress #786 Online
Nadine van der Waal The determinants and persuasive effects of virtual body ownership of an overweight virtual body #662  
Pepijn  van Empelen Effective Behavior Change Techniques (BCTs) for successful weight loss maintenance among adults: A meta-analysis #837  
Tugce Varol  Exploring university students’ information needs and beliefs towards COVID-19 vaccination: Implications for policy and practice #845  
Martina Wernicke Coping with a pandemic – the impact of defense styles and religiousness  #464  
hodaya wolf Coping with LVAD Implantation: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Patients and Their Partners #339  
Phoebe Wu Exposure to eating-related content on social media, body image and eating behaviours: A systematic review #281  
Eivind Ystrom  Schools in the interplay between genetic risk for high BMI and academic performance #879  
Ge Yu Does your first job predict your last job? Evidence from China #853 Online